Orbital Effects, a radar satellite technology company, hired Forbes Tate Partners to work on defense and intelligence satellite services. Ryan Welch, former legislative director to Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), and Kristina Dunklin, former legislative director to Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind.), will work on the account.


Lobbyists named here were listed on a filing related to this lobbying engagement. They may not be working on it now. Occasionally, a single lobbyist whose name is spelled two different ways on filings may be represented twice here.

Lobbyist Covered positions?
Adrienne Schweer Chief of Protocol, Office of the Secretary of Defense (2014-2016); Senior Aide and Director of Scheduling, Sen. Chuck Hagel (2006-2008); Staff Assistant, Sen. Chuck Hagel (2005)
Ryan Welch Legislative Director, Sen. Richard Shelby (2005-2007); Legislative Assistant, Sen. Richard Shelby (2002-2005); Legislative Correspondent, Sen. Richard Shelby (2002)
Kristina Dunklin Legislative Director, Rep. Susan Brooks (2018-2019); Legislative Director, Rep. David Valadao (2015-2018); Legislative Assistant, Rep. David Valadao (2014-2015)
Cindy Brown Chief of Staff, Rep. Ron Kind (2003-2009); Legislative Director, Rep. Ron Kind (1999-2002)

Disclosures Filed

Once a lobbying engagement begins, the lobbyist or firm is required to file updates four times a year. Those updates sometimes change which lobbyists are involved or add new issues being discussed. When lobbyists stop working for a client, the firm is also supposed to file a report disclosing the end of the relationship.


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