Capella Space Corp., a leader in the American space technology sector, has introduced a new AI-driven Vessel Classification capability, enhancing its synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery solutions. This innovative feature is fully integrated into both Capella’s secure tasking web application and its API, allowing users to request vessel classification analytics simultaneously with their imagery tasking.

Capella’s Vessel Classification automates the detection and classification of vessels within SAR imagery, refining the workflow for analysts by pinpointing vessel locations and types. Unlike generic models available on the market, this capability is finely tuned to the unique characteristics of Capella’s high-resolution SAR data. The service is powered by EMSI, a firm renowned for its expertise in geospatial intelligence and longstanding service to the US Department of Defense and Intelligence communities, particularly in maritime surveillance.

Dan Getman, VP of Product at Capella Space, emphasized the strategic advantages of this integration. “When it comes to intelligence, speed and accuracy is of the essence. Capella’s all-in-one Tasking platform is not only convenient, but also effectively minimizes the latency from tasking to intelligence extraction,” he stated. “Coupled with Capella’s high-quality and high-resolution imagery, Vessel Classification simplifies the power of SAR to make 24/7, all-weather insights more accessible than ever.”

This launch positions Capella Space not just as a provider of satellite data, but also as a direct competitor to some of its customers who are developing similar vessel classification technologies. By offering a fully automated, secure solution that integrates state-of-the-art AI with sophisticated SAR capabilities, Capella potentially shifts the competitive landscape, offering a product that rivals those developed within other companies in the space sector.

The Vessel Classification capability enables comprehensive maritime domain analysis, aiding in supply chain monitoring, economic indicator tracking, and lifestyle pattern observation. This service grants unparalleled access to detailed movements of vessels in near-shore waters, ports, choke points, and exclusive economic zones.

Furthermore, Capella Space has accumulated an extensive archive of imagery, providing customers with profound time series analyses and expanded information across hundreds of global ports. This archive supports a deeper understanding of maritime activities and enhances decision-making capabilities for a wide range of commercial and government applications.

As Capella continues to expand its offerings, its role as both a key data provider and a competitor in the development of advanced analytic capabilities is expected to influence its relationships and strategies within the industry.


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