Ursa Space Systems, a leading satellite-analytics-as-a-service provider, has announced the release of a Python toolbox for satellite analytic and data ordering within Esri ArcGIS Pro, a full-featured professional desktop GIS application.

Ursa Space leverages the world’s most comprehensive and progressive satellite data virtual constellation, comprising synthetic aperture radar (SAR), Optical, and radio frequency (RF) sensing from multiple commercial sources and advanced data fusion capabilities. The end product is analytic insights into physical changes on Earth. Ursa’s platform orchestrates satellite imagery and analytic services at scale, to rapidly deliver insights to customers on demand.

Requirements to run the Ursa Space API include ArcGIS Pro installation along with admin privileges unique to a customer’s system, as well as a free Ursa Space Platform account. Pricing is subject to data types, and will be provided before purchase. Invoicing is conducted by Ursa Space.

“At Ursa Space, we’ve identified an incredible demand for off-the-shelf satellite analytic products across a number of market verticals. This integration with Esri is built to serve customers of any skill level, whether they’re a SAR expert that wants raw source data, or a customer that wants ‘analysis ready’ data. Even customers who don’t necessarily care about the data complexities and just want to benefit from what SAR analytics can provide.” Billie Sims, Vice President, Partner Programs, Ursa Space Systems.

“Ursa Space’s Python Toolbox API empowers Esri ArcGIS Pro to be the one-stop shop for users’ radar needs,” said Beau Legeer, Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing at Esri. “Using the toolbox, users can acquire analytic derivative products and analysis ready data from multiple commercial sources. An all-in-one workflow enhances the users experience by enabling them to download, process, perform change detection or feature extraction analysis, and share insights with key project stakeholders.”


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