The new product provides a pulse on larger macroeconomic trends, identifies market inflection points to help predict future volatility

ITHACA, N.Y., Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ursa, a provider of geospatial intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of China Macro, a new product for portfolio managers, macro funds, long-term investors and market analysts. By leveraging Ursa’s expertise in satellite radar technology, specifically Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Ursa provides reliable weekly measurements across China’s supply chains, day or night, regardless of clouds or fog. The new China Macro tool will share macroeconomic and financial indicators within China and its ripple effects around the world. This economic supply and demand indicator provides a pulse on often-elusive larger macro trends, allowing users to identify market inflection points and help predict future volatility.

“As the Chinese economy continues to move toward center stage, investors are searching for signals of the overall health of the Chinese economy. However, transparency into this economy is difficult to come by, and the unreliability of Chinese data has been well-documented with government statistical releases often met with disbelief,” said Daniel Baruch, director of global energy markets & business development at Ursa. “Ursa’s China Macro analytics will fill this void in the industry through its weekly inventory measurements, which represent a significant competitive advantage for portfolio managers, macro funds, or long-term investors looking for a bellwether of the Chinese economy.”

The alternative data delivered via China Macro will better inform trading strategies and risk management. For example, Chinese crude oil inventories within Ursa’s coverage yield a positive correlation of 64.7% to the Shanghai Stock Exchange with 4-week predictability. A timing advantage of this magnitude represents a significant competitive advantage. For portfolio managers, macro funds, or long-term investors looking for a bellwether of the Chinese economy, Ursa’s insights can be revolutionary in their indicative nature.

“Through Ursa’s network of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology, we are able to provide an unbiased, reliable weekly measurement of a historically challenging economy to study,” said Adam Maher, CEO of Ursa. “As one of the first companies that has this geospatial intel capability, Ursa is able to paint a more aggregate picture to inform financial markets, and provide greater confidence and accuracy to generate greater returns for investors in real-time.”

Maximize your return on investment from Ursa’s weekly China oil inventory reports by clicking here to subscribe. To sign up to receive weekly satellite radar-based measurements of China’scrude oil inventories as a leading indicator of the country’s economic health, download Ursa’s latest whitepaper here or contact Ursa directly at

About Ursa
Ursa Space Systems is on an unflinching quest to move the world forward by turning data into decision advantage. Founded in 2014, Ursa pioneered transparency of oil data in China and has since expanded its global reach beyond oil storage and to more than 150 sites worldwide. Ursa’s geospatial intelligence portfolio sets new standards for accuracy and reliability and empowers customers with critical insights. For more information, visit



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