A year after the completion and launch of the first made-in-Singapore commercial Earth observation satellite, TeLEOS-1, ST Electronics is poised to build a second one, it announced on Thursday (Feb 23).

TeLEOS-2, which will be developed in partnership with the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), will enhance the homegrown firm’s commercial satellite imagery services by providing better capabilities and functions, it said in a press release. This will enhance ST Electronics’ commercial satellite imagery services by providing better capabilities and functions, it said in a press release. The 750kg satellite will carry a made-in-Singapore radar system capable of providing high-resolution satellite imagery. It will also be equipped with a 500GB onboard recorder for recording the data captured and a high-speed 800Mbps connection to the ground.

The imagery can be used in areas like hotspot monitoring and haze management; oil spill management; air crash search and rescue operations; peacekeeping and humanitarian aid and disaster relief; and maritime security, according to ST Electronics.

The development of TeLEOS-2 comes as the global Earth observation segment continues to grow. Mr Chong said: “Given the relative young age of our space eco-system and to better leverage our expertise gained from TeLEOS-1 and soon TeLEOS-2, we will now focus on the small EO (Earth observation) satellites which are less than one tonne in mass, as well as on high value-added geospatial services. This lays the foundation for us to develop more advanced satellites and services in the future.”

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/st-electronics-to-build-2nd-singapore-made-earth-observation-sat-7608664



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