Synspective Inc., a SAR satellite data and analytic solution provider, announced a Launch Agreement with the German launch services provider, Exolaunch, to launch the second demonstration satellite “StriX-β” ​​on a Soyuz-2  launch vehicle from Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia in late 2021.

StriX-β is the second demonstration satellite following Strix-α. It is aimed to demonstrate “InSAR (Interferometric SAR)” technology in orbit, a special SAR analytics technique to detect millimeter-level displacements on the ground surface.

Under the agreement, Exolaunch will provide launch, mission management, and integration services for the Strix-β satellite that will be delivered to a Synspective’s custom orbit. The Strix-β is the second satellite of a 30 SAR satellite constellation that Synspective plans to build by the late 2020s.

Dr. Motoyuki Arai, founder and CEO of Synspective, said, “We are very pleased to entrust the launch of StriX-β, our second small SAR satellite, to Exolaunch, which has an extensive track record. Synspective has already begun operating its first satellite, as well as providing solution services. We are now entering a phase of business expansion. StriX-β is a crucial satellite to demonstrate InSAR technology and to deepen satellite-operation know-how, which are strengths in our business expansion. We will accomplish this mission and steadily achieve results to enhance global efficiency and resilience.”


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