A few of our members are involved with SAR EDU, SAR EDU sent out the email below letting everyone know the location has changed to EO College. SAR EDU is a great resource for first-time users of SAR or anyone trying to become more acquainted with SAR.

We are very pleased to inform you that our Radar Remote Sensing education platform has evolved.
This week we are inaugurating the Earth Observation College. This new platform will have all the functionality that you know from our SAR-EDU web portal, plus amazing new features like an EO community and an EO learning platform.
Please check out the announcement below and register for the new platform.
The platform saredu.dlr.de will continue to exsist. Nevertheless, new contents and all the new features will only be available under eo-college.org.


We are very pleased to announce that the registration for the first Massive Open Online Course on Radar Remote Sensing is now open.

Echoes in Space is starting on 09-Oct-2017.

The course will comprise five lessons and allows for self-paced learning.
On top of that, we are hereby inaugurating the Earth Observation College. An online hub to host EO-related courses, articles, resources and community tools.
Register now to get to know your fellow learners and see the curriculum. We also kindly ask you to share this information with your friends, colleagues and fellow researchers to make the online EO community grow and thrive.


For more information visit: https://eo-college.org




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