Russian Ministry of Defense recently shared a video on YouTube of the new Altair/Altius unmanned aerial spy vehicle. It is a twin drone engine and has been undergoing development for a couple of years and experienced cost overruns while remaining behind schedule as well. It has been described as a spy plane but seems to possess the ability to carry weapons as well.

What is clearly shown in the video are two hardpoints on the wings of Altair that are intended for carrying external stores. This might imply that Altair would be carrying sensor pods, especially synthetic aperture radar that is capable of ‘seeing’ even through bad weather for the sake of constructing an image of the object on the ground. The hardpoints could also be used for arming Altair. Despite all the ups and downs, the drone is finally here, and we’ll find out soon enough just how capable the Altair drone is as opposed to its competition.



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