A clustering approach to heterogeneous change detection

Luigi Tommaso Luppino, Stian Normann Anfinsen, Gabriele Moser, Robert Jenssen, Filippo Maria Bianchi, Sebastiano Serpico, Gregoire Mercier

PDF: Neural shrinkage for wavelet-based SAR despeckling

Change detection in heterogeneous multitemporal satellite images is a challenging and still not much studied topic in remote sensing and earth observation. This paper focuses on comparison of image pairs covering the same geographical area and acquired by two different sensors, one optical radiometer and one synthetic aperture radar, at two different times. We propose a clustering-based technique to detect changes, identified as clusters that split or merge in the different images. To evaluate potentials and limitations of our method, we perform experiments on real data. Preliminary results confirm the relationship between splits and merges of clusters and the occurrence of changes. However, it becomes evident that it is necessary to incorporate prior, ancillary, or application-specific information to improve the interpretation of clustering results and to identify unambiguously the areas of change.


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