Nanalyze coved ICEYE’s series B, Capella Space, Ursa and Umbra Lab’s undisclosed funding. It is a good article and first to break any news on Umbra Lab which does not speak to the press on the record.

Nobody likes to be told, “We told you so.” It’s right up there with someone saying, “look out,” right after you’ve stepped through a manhole that’s missing its cover. But at the end of last year we told you about five developments to look out for in NewSpace. As we predicted, the industry is heating up quickly, though it’s still far from becoming a trillion-dollar business. One of the takeaways: satellites will continue to dominate the industry, particularly small satellites ranging up to 100 kilograms. SpaceWorks Enterprises, an aerospace engineering design and analysis firm, predicts there will be about 263 small satellite launches this year, up 160 percent from just two years ago. The revised forecast, according to SpaceWorks, is partly driven by the strong influx of venture capital dollars. We’ve recently seen this with startups specializing in a type of space radar that once required bus-sized satellites to operate properly.

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