Icye – recently relased a new website with much more information about their mission including images of their satellite. It is a great day for new space and SAR.


Radar sees through clouds and darkness

With optical cameras, remote sensing imagery can be unavailable up to 75% of the time due to cloud cover or darkness. In applications relating to safety and security, or where continuous persistent data is needed, this is unacceptable. This is why Iceye uses microwave radar technology to allow imaging in all conditions. The instrument sends its own energy so it can image independent of sunlight, and since the microwave frequencies penetrate clouds and rain, weather won’t be a problem either.


Image anywhere within hours

ICEYE’s unique SAR microsatellite design allows us to efficiently operate a large constellation of satellites. This enables unprecedented access to SAR data, anywhere on the globe, at any time. With the full constellation we aim for an average of 3 hours delay from order to acquisition.

With existing systems, radar imagery is only available twice per day. And with  their limited capacity, tasking often needs to be pre-programmed multiple days in advance, especially for commercial customers.

With the high amount of satellites in our constellation, ICEYE can provide imagery with very short lead times. We provide frequent revisits, rapid mosaicing of larger areas with high resolution and co-operate with other satellite operators and data providers to provide complementary data layers.

Ease of Access

Web interface & APIs for direct tasking

Ease of access is as important as speed. We provide the capability for customers to directly task rapid acquisitions from a simple graphical web-interface with everything from confirmation to delivery happening within the same system. We also provide API access for customers requiring deeper integration to existing operational systems or software.

More at: https://www.iceye.fi/

Image Credit: Iceye


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