ICEYE is the original innovator in SAR micro-satellites and to this day the only new SAR company to build an SAR micro-satellite, launch it and sell commercial imagery. Proving to be the only legitimate SAR micro-satellite company at the close of 2019.  

It has been an incredible year for ICEYE which has launched 5 satellites with plans to launch as many as 18 in total over the next few years. ICEYE was founded as a spin-off of the Aalto University University Radio Technology Department. Under Modrzewski leadership, ICEYE is run like an advanced physics lab and continues to innovate. ICEYE 2nd satellite has more than doubled its original power aperture and the GEOINT community is getting ready for ICEYES next innovations.

ICEYE has published a series of well-formatted product guides and now offers SLC and detected image products from both spotlight and stripmap modes with a ground resolution of 1-meter.  A scanSAR mode is forthcoming.

ICEYE’s micro-satellite SAR imaging constellation is customized for the high revisit rate and frequent delivery of high-resolution imagery.  ICEYE simplifies its order flow and ensures a response within 48 hours and a timeline of 5-days or less from request to delivery. ICEYE is enjoying a first to market advantage which makes them a favorite for analytics partnerships with firms like RS Metrics, URSA, Spire and others.  Modrzewski told Forbes “We’re growing fast and gaining new customers as we extend our capacity, (source)” meaning SAR customers need more data than what is currently available. Modrzewski’s team is over 100 people, with 50 more job openings. ICEYE is focused on the vertical sale of SAR and analytics to Governments, radar data consumers and value-added analytics services.


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