Turkey unveils National Space Program including SAR Mission


High-resolution provider Gokturk 3 will be sent soon and Turksat 6A is set to launch in 2022. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced 10 goals as he revealed the country’s domestic space programme for the next 10 years, which will include the country’s first national observation satellite.

Erdogan also declared Turkey’s aim to send Turkish citizens into space with international cooperation, to work with other countries on building a spaceport and to create a “global brand” in satellite technology.


Unveiling the programme, President Erdogan also outlined its primary objectives saying the “primary and most important goal in the National Space Program is to make the first contact with the Moon in the 100th anniversary of the republic.”

We will realise the first launch that will bring our spacecraft into close orbit with international cooperation. “At the end of 2023, we will reach the Moon with our national and unique hybrid rocket that we will fire in near-Earth orbit and have a hard landing,” he added.

“Our second goal in the National Space Program is to create a trademark that can compete with the world in the field of next-generation satellite development ”

In the second stage we planned in 2028, we will take our vehicle into a close orbit, and we will make the first launch with these national rockets.”

The third goal in the National Space Program is to develop a regional positioning and timing system.”

The fourth objective is to provide access to space and establish a spaceport.”

The next goal is to increase competence in space by investing in what is called space weather or meteorology.”

The sixth target is setting up astronomical observation posts and to bring Turkey to a higher level when it comes to tracking space objects from the ground.”

Seventh goal is to further develop the economy of the country’s space industry.”

The next goal in our space program is to establish a space technology development zone.”

The ninth goal is to develop our effective and competent human resources in the field of space.”

The tenth and final goal in the Space Program is to send a Turkish citizen to space,” Erdogan said.


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