Capella Space and East View Geospatial Announce Partnership


East View Geospatial EVG is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in Russia, Kenya, China and Ukraine. Partners with Capella Space, headquartered in San Francisco, California with officers in Boulder, Colorado.

East View maintains thousands of supplier/publisher relationships throughout the world for maps and geospatial data and Russian, Arabic and Chinese-produced social and hard science content. East View manages a data center, library and warehouse in Minneapolis where it hosts and stores dozens of foreign language databases, maps and atlases and geospatial, Russian, Chinese and Arabic metadata records

East View Geospatial Partners with Capella Space as Early Reseller in North America East View Geospatial (EVG) is pleased to announce our partnership with Capella Space to offer high resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery products, establishing EVG as an early reseller for Capella Space in North America. Through a constellation of small satellites, Capella Space will provide easy access to frequent, timely and high-quality SAR imagery. Through its use of advanced SAR technology, Capella offers continuous allweather earth observation imagery that provides global coverage through clouds, smoke, fog and darkness. With three product lines of Spot, Site and Strip imagery with resolution down to 0.5m per pixel, Capella will deliver high-quality imagery catered to clients’ needs. Reliable delivery of actionable information on everything from irrigation of thousands of acres of farmland to millimeter changes in the integrity of infrastructure is now practical, affordable, essential and available through East View Geospatial.

This partnership combines East View Geospatial’s decades of experience delivering authoritative data to private and public sectors worldwide with Capella’s innovative approach to SAR imagery with fully automated, real-time tasking, high revisit rates and expedited delivery methods. We are proud to offer Capella Space earth observation imagery and its full suite of products and services to our clients. “We are incredibly proud to partner with Capella Space. There has been a clear and increasing demand for SAR in recent years, but regular and routine access has served as a significant barrier for the community. Capella Space, with its current and future constellations, will undoubtedly play a leading role in meeting these demands for years to come.” — Jonathan Thompson, Director of Sales & Marketing, EVG “Our team at Capella Space is excited to partner with East View Geospatial to provide its clients with streamlined access to high-resolution SAR imagery.

This imagery delivers reliable global insights that sharpen EVG’s clients’ understanding of the changing world. We look forward to continuing our partnership with EVG well into the future.” — Mack Koepke, Vice President of Global Sales at Capella Space


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